Beginners Guide To Supplements: Where to Start, What to Avoid.

Beginners Guide To Supplements:

The supplements industry can be a true labyrinth of nonsense if you don't know what to avoid: Between miracle pills that will make you drop a stone in an hour and a protein powder that will add ten pounds of muscle overnight. Its easy to get swept up in the hysteria of advertising. What is important to us as a raw ingredient supplement company is that we communicate the actual facts to our customers. Not give over hyped ideal's to people who might not have as extensive a knowledge base on the supplement industry. So In this blog I'm going to give you the basic supplements that I recommend sticking too while starting out, saving you time and money.

Whey Protein:

If there is as good a starting point as any it would be whey protein. Whey protein is without a doubt a cornerstone when talking about sports supplements. For all the ladies that might be reading this I have often run in to the conception that whey protein that it makes you "bulky and masculine" I would like to address this for any of our readers. I can tell you with 1000% confidence that it will not do this to your body. Whey protein is primarily used for muscular repair. Due to the fast absorption rate of whey it is best utilized straight after a workout mixed with water. This helps the muscle repair after strenuous exercise has broken the tissue down. So its a must have for anyone, from those who are looking to build muscle, all the way to those who just want a toned stomach.


BCAA's ( Branch Chain Amino Acids) are the building blocks of proteins. They are used in a variety of ways when talking about building a healthy body. Primarily they are used to keep your body in a state of anabolism (muscle growth or maintenance). The benefits of this range far and wide from increased muscle density and repair, to aiding in metabolic rate regulation. These are best used by adding the powder to about 1 litre of water and sipping on them gradually throughout exercise. This provides the muscle tissue everything it needs to stay fueled whilst also aiding in keeping you hydrated and energised.

Omega 3, 6, 9

Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplements are probably one of the most used supplements on todays market. They help to produce and maintain healthy cell membranes in the body, which might not sound like something that would be on the average persons mind when talking about supplements, but to keep the your body healthy at a cellular level when continuously putting it under strenuous activity is vital. They also aid in a huge amount of other ways, from heart health and functionality to increasing the good cholesterol levels in the body.


These three supplements are the basics and obviously depending on your goals your stack might look very different. The purpose of this blog however wasn't to give the reader the best tailored stack for their individual goals. The purpose was merely dip a metaphorical toe into the industry. Also that it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to get started with your fitness plans.

I hope that it seems like less of an intimidating idea after reading this. The overwhelming amount of opinions and options that circulate this industry can just snowball in your mind. To the point of real resentment towards the fitness as a whole. Premium Raws supplements should be used as a tool to help you achieve your goals. Supplements  are not be solely relied on to do the work. Sticking to a well rounded healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, training hard and getting plenty of rest will give you results quicker than you realize. The supplements you take should only fine tune your overall performance.

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