Mentality: The Key To Motivation.

Mentality; the Key to Motivation


Mentality converting into motivation is something that is quite a vague idea. A strong mentality is something you might attribute to an athlete or a high powered business person. Whereas a weak mentality is something that is filled with excuses or reasons, as to why the individual is not responsible for their lack of results. As you are reading this I want you to pause and think about which of these you are closer too. Be as brutally honest as you can with yourself. If you can't be honest with your short comings, how do you expected to change your mentality?.

From my experience I find that mentality is entirely malleable and can shape to the needs of an individual when thought about carefully and given the appropriate amount of attention. So if you find yourself closer to being on the weaker side of the mentality scale, just know that this is possible to change with the correct set of mental tools. Of which I am going to provide you with today.

Motivation: Where To Start:

You may of seen the plethora of YouTube videos that have the same mantras as the average pushy parent. GET UP AND GRIND, NEVER STOP, NEVER GIVE IN. These videos give you copy and paste version of motivational quotes that have been recycled by the same people, on the same platforms for years. While they may provide you an immediate kick and flow of motivational juices, this is not a long term solution, as it doesn't actually change the way you approach something like a workout. Real progress is made when you learn to motivate yourself through nothing other than thought and purpose. So with this in mind I'm going to share what I have personally used for the last 5 years to keep me consistent. A mixture of psychology and advice I've gathered from people both inside and outside of the fitness industry.

Keeping It Simple:

It's a Friday night. You've been to the gym every night and you think to yourself, "One night off can't hurt". And this may surprise you but that is 100% right. One night off really will not hurt you at all, but - there's always a but -  it's not about how much it'll hurt you. If you go through life avoiding things that won't "hurt" if you miss them you then you avoid the benefits of taking chances, risks and scary opportunities life is full of fear but fear is a mechanism that should be acknowledged and overcome in my opinion not something that should dictate a lack of action .

When you find yourself sitting down after an exhausting day at work re-watching that same episode of friends, I simply want you to ask yourself a question. What will I gain from doing what I don't want to do?. Pride, discipline and most importantly results. This sounds simple - too simple in fact - but often when we try to complicate motivating ourselves we find that it exhausts us even further in the long run. So the first rule of having that get up and go attitude is, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Finding Strength In Weakness:

Humans by nature are flawed creatures. We don't like to think about this because - lets face it - who want's to think about their flaws. But through the acceptance of flaws we can be ready for when they threaten to strike at our lives. At which point the second question of motivation comes to the surface. Is what I'm doing now make me a weaker or a stronger person?, and if it makes you weak, do you want to be a weak person?.

Lets face it anyone can come in from a nine to five job, sit down and watch TV. But does that make you weak? Well it certainly doesn't make you strong. We as individuals want to be perceived as many things, but true strength of character is one of the most profitable attributes a person can hold. The respect of others and the results that we desire from life. The second rule to motivation: Do my decisions make me weak or do they make me strong?.

Make A Plan:

It could probably be argued that this should be the first "rule of motivation", but I disagree. Have a plan formulated when you have found the consistent desire to succeed. When the implementation of structure is a necessary tool to keep up with your goals and targets. With this being said don't treat your plan like a tyrant. It isn't there to tell you what to do. Its there to make what you're doing clear and achievable. To provide you clear indications of what to eat, how to train and ultimately structure you towards a specified plan being accomplished.


Motivation will eb and flow as will any emotional mechanism. Great bodies are not achieved when the sun is shining and birds are singing. You achieve a great bodies are achieved in times when its cold and raining, when there are one hundred and one reasons to stay home with a pizza. The true difference people make to themselves is in hardship. By constantly questioning your motivations in life you allow space for contemplation.

To often the lazy mentality gets what it wants. As soon as you have accepted you're missing a workout it's immediately put to the back of your mind. I'm asking you a simple question of, "How much do you want it?. Do you want to have a healthy more than you want the momentary pleasure of eating a slice of cake?

If after reading this the answer is still a resounding No. Question yourself and most importantly be prepared to face the repercussions of your actions 6 months down the line. When that friend of yours who has been hitting every workout and has been eating healthy. And is subsequently looking amazing, and you are sat stagnant and looking the same.

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