Butt workouts: How To Get A Buff Butt?

The Best Buff Butt Workouts For You

We all look to improve ourselves and when looking to improve our physique, we often focus on our core and our glutes. As much as we want to improve ourselves, we also want fast results. A lot of people look for quick "30 day plans" for toning and all is well. But, after a few days, we grow tired or dread it because intense workouts every night aren't for everyone. Even if we did stick to the workout soon as you stop you land back where you started. So we have put together some effective butt workouts that are easy to do and will, over time, help you tone. Depending on how often you wish you put these into practise will determine how fast the results. However, if you're looking for a change that will make a difference, maintain the difference and be easier to achieve.

1. Hip raises

For this exercise lay down on a mat, bring your needs together in an arch with your arms by your side. Your arms are there to support your body whilst you lift your hips up and down. Breaking in and out of the position.  Use the image below to help you with your positions. This is a really good exercise for your glutes and is one of the best.

2. Squats

I'm sure that we all know what squats are, these are very common. But they are for a reason, these are also very effective for toning your glutes and your legs. For anyone that many not know how to squat, here is how. Put your feet a distance apart so that they are inline with your hips and then just slowly lower your body into your stance as shown in the image below.

3. Split squat

Split squats are just a different inversion of a squat, as you probably guessed. You do a leg and right split squat in different sets so that you're able to build tension on each side. For example of how to position, imagine you're doing a right set. Put your feet together and then take your left leg a step back. Then lean down into the right leg, as shown below.

4. Donkey kicks

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like, get down on all fours and kick like a donkey. But, don't knock it until you've tried it, it works! All you do is kneel down and then place your palms on the floor, the same distance apart as your knees. Then raise your legs up and out (like a donkey). Take terns with your left and right leg.

5. (Standing) bicycle crunches

Finally, we have bicycle crunches, these are really good for your butt and for your core. You can do bicycle crunches either standing on laid down. It's easy to do, just lay down and put your hands behind your head. Bring you knees towards the opposite elbow and do that for each leg in equal amounts. If you wish to do this standing then instead of laying down, stand and then rest of the process is the same.


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