Premium Raw™: Main Sponsors For LCBB Event

Leicester Charity Bodybuilding (LCBB) Event

Premium Raws™ is proud to announce that we are the main sponsor for LCBB's annual bodybuilding event. This is the 3rd annual event held by Ian and Holly from LCBB. LCBB gives bodybuilders  from across the UK, the chance to showcases their impeccable physique. This years event will be held at The Athena Theatre Leicester on Saturday 1st September. The Athena Theatre has state of the art technology, a exceptional layout and modern art decor to give you the best experience. Tickets are £25 which includes food and their are £500 in prizes to be won!

Their chosen charities for this year are Down's Syndrome Association, 20-20 Voice Cancer, and The Children's Air Ambulance. These are all such important charities which may connect to you in some way so please come help raise the most we can for these courses. Whether you wish to join the event, come and spectate or support these charities, please make sure to come and support!


If you don't want to miss out on this event, a chance to compete and a chance to show off your hard work? Then call up Ian/Holly at 07850121603 or contact them on their Facebook page. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions and all whatever your enquiries, they will be happy to help. This year there are a wide variety of categories this year and welcome anyone who wishes to join.

This Years Categories And Running Order:

  1. Juniors up to 23.
  2. Male first timers.
  3. Over 40s.
  4. Over 50s.
  5. Toned figure.
  6. Trained figure with routine.
  7. Theamed.
  8. Novice male.

*20 Minute Intervals*

  1. Bikini.
  2. Bikini over 35s.
  3. 70kg Bodybuilding.
  4. 80kg Bodybuilding.
  5. 90kg Bodybuilding.
  6. 100kg Bodybuilding.
  7. Muscle model male
  8. Physique male.
  9. Veterans serving or served.
  10. Disabled.
  11. Novice male.

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