Premium Raws™ Sponsor of Bradley Parker

Premium Raws™ Sponsor of Bradley Parker

On behalf of all the team at Premium Raws™, We are so happy and proud to be Bradley's new sponsor! Although we have been working with brad for a short period of time, he has become a  valued part of the Premium Raws™ family. Bradley has competed in many bodybuilding competitions over the past years. Even with 4 big wins over his belt, including coming in 4th place for muscle model in the 2018 PCA World Championships- he is still going for more! We are so proud of our rep, his lifestyle and we want to share this will everyone. So, in this article we will tell you all about Bradley and why he chose Premium Raws™ to be his main sponsor.

Here's a bit of back ground about Brad...

Bradley Parker, 31, lives between the cities of Bristol and Bath. He is the project manager in Civil Engineering and Construction based in the UK. Brad has a busy life style between his job, training, competitions, modelling and now his new sponsor. However, it is already evident he puts 110% into everything that he does. That is why we think he is worth reading about, so here is all you need to know about our Brad.


Now, this is what we all want to know; how many wins? Brad has competed in 6 different competitions in the last few years and has won notable placing in 4 out of the 6 competitions, which may I add, is incredible! It takes so much training, dieting and devotion to get even considered into these types of competitions. However, Brad's tenacity not only got him into the competitions, but also brought home some big wins. Including, winning 4th in the PCA World Championships 2018.

Here are his wins (in order of places)

  • 2018 PCA London - Muscle Model - 2nd🥈
  • 2015 NABBA west Britain - Novice - 3rd🥉
  • 2018 PCA World Championships - Muscle Model - 4th🏅
  • 2018 PCA British Final - Muscle Model - 5th🏅

Why choose Premium Raws?

We asked Brad why he chose Premium Raws and this was his response: 'I chose Premium Raws because of the large range of supplements they offer. I believe Premium Raws covers all of my Health, fitness and well being supplementation. I like the ability to break down my supplementation into individual products.' He continued with, 'The Premium Raws products have proven to be effective and beneficial to me. And my supplements of choice alter depending on my goal, such as when "bulking up" or "cutting down."' We went on to ask what his favourite Premium Raws supplement was, he slit his answer in two; health and fitness. 'In terms of health and well being, my favourites are Premium Joint Support (Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM), Multivitamin and Digestive Gold. In terms of sports nutrition, my favourites are AAKG, Instant BCAA and Brown Rice Protein.'

Shop Bradley's Favourites: 

Multivitamin  £9.99.

AAKG  £18.99

Digestive Gold  £7.99.

Premium Joint Support £16.99

Instant BCAA  £6.99

Brown Rice Protein £9.99

Bradley Parker's Training Routines

There is no one better to explain this than Brad himself, so this is his routine from the man himself. "My training is primarily resistance weight training with varying amounts of cardiovascular training depending on my goals. Weight training tends to remain heavy, in the 10-15 rep range per set. But, ensuring I train to failure almost every session; this is when you physically cannot lift that weight for another rep. I like to vary my training as much as possible. No 2 workouts are the same, as I find it more interesting and also challenging. But, I always aim to train each body part at least once per week.

Whether you have a set routine or you vary your training, it is important above all to listen to your body. This takes time to learn, but the more consistent you train, the more you will learn to listen to your body. Pushing harder when it allows or backing off when needed. Remember, if you can avoid injury, you can be more consistent, and therefore reach goals quicker."

Bradley Parker's Diet

This is important to know, so we asked about his dieting routine, this was his response. "I believe in a good, health balanced diet. Comprising of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats from good quality food sources. Diet is the most crucial part for me to achieve my body composition/ physique condition goals. In order to bulk up or cut down, I will increase/ decrease my calories from Protein, Carbohydrate and Fats accordingly. When cutting down, I may implement "carb cycling"." This is why Premium Raws is the perfect brand for Brad as our products are low in carbs! "This is where you vary your carbohydrates depending on your desired output. For example, I will reduce carbohydrates and possibly increase fats on a non weight training day (cardio only). Or I may even increase carbohydrates on a high output day such as Leg training. The key to diet, is tailoring it to you, implementing foods that you can be consistent with. This will also require you to experiment and take a little time to find what foods work best for you."

Bradley Parker's Advice to you

'Best advice to a beginner within health, fitness and bodybuilding would be to strive to be as consistent as possible. Consistent training, diet and supplementation. Good, solid results take time and remember, every rep, of every workout and every mouthful of every meal could be one more step toward or away from your goal.' -Bradley Parker.

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