Resolution: New Year, New You

Resolutions: New Year, New You!

What's your new years resolution? To get fit and toned? To be healthier? Or to lose weight? Whatever you new year's resolution, we can support your through your transformation in the most efficient way! In this article, We will run through all you will need to get to where you aspire to be and give you all the best tips for the new year!

Who is looking to losing weight?

Losing weight often seems daunting and sometimes, it is hard to find the best/healthiest way to to do it. We won't lie to you, if you want to lose weight you have to put the work in and there is no magic pill to make you lose weight over night. However! We know the best supplements to help you reach your goal faster and easier! We can make it so that working is less tiring and give you more energy. And we can make it so that you have a faster metabolism and reduce your appetite. We can make each step easier and more attainable for you.


Diet -this word often scares people off straight away, but diets don't mean that you have to starve or cut out tasty foods. You just need to watch what you eat. For a healthy and balanced diet, we would suggest to cut back on starch and sugars; not completely just restrict them. Although, these foods are yummy, they're not very filling, which means you'll end up eating more than you need to. Replace these foods with fat, protein and veggies!

Healthy Fats: Oils (e.i. olive & coconut) and butter.

Proteins: Meat (e.i. beef, chicken & lamb), Fish (e.i. salmon) and Whole Eggs.

Veggies: Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Lettuces, Broccoli, Sprouts -Basically, your green veggies!

Now, it's time for our support. Premium Raws™ offer you our Ultra Burn, which works to increased your metabolic rate, reduced perceived exertion and reduce your appetite! This will support you to lose weight at an increased rate! If your are looking to not only lose weight, but to tone up to, we would suggest our CLA instead. This aids in weight management, promotes a faster metabolic rate and boost the immune system. So, all you need this year for you resolution is Premium Raws™.

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What are the best workouts?

Now, sometimes this is also another off putting word, however if you want to attain your new year, new you resolution,  you have to include this into your lifestyle. It is vital to be able to attain your goal. We will give you all the best support and tips for losing weight. Firstly, let's go through what exercises would be best to help you lose weight and tone.

5 Workouts you can do anywhere:

  1. Squats- These are a very common workout and are great if you want to work out on your glutes! If you want to learn more about getting a good butt, try our other blog "The Best Buff Butt Workouts For You". You want to be doing 3 sets of 12-15 reps of these.
  2. Lunges- There are many different types of lunges you can try, but to start just with your standard ones for now. Lunges work on several muscles at once and really focuses on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This a great workout for burning calories. To begin with do this 10 times with 3 sets.
  3. Mountain climbing- This exercise will really push you with the added tension of straps. You will really tone your legs and glutes with this workout! You want to be 60 seconds of this workout with rest intervals of 15-20 seconds, repeat this 3 times.
  4. Burpees- This exercise attacks your chest, core and legs all in one which is perfect for what you are aiming for. For this one you can do 8-12 reps, whichever is slightly out of your comfort zone (you still need to push yourself).
  5. Skipping rope- Now this might be a very underestimated workout, but it does really work; especially for losing weight. This will give you a full body session of cardio and if you do 60 second runs and repeat this 3 times, you will definitely feel the burn and the heat.

Side Note: If you want to maximise your workout, start to add weights into these workouts.

Premium Raws Help:

Working out can be a lot of hard work and it is tiring, but that's where are help comes in. We can offer you ways to get more out your workout without feeling so fatigue, give you more energy and we can help out with that after-math ache. When it comes to feeling tired and  and weak during a workout, what you need is our ZMA. This is a brilliant and affordable product, that does so much for your body. it is known to increased muscle strength and stamina, increased muscle recovery, improved quality of sleep, relate metabolic rate, may boost energy and supports immune system. If you need a guide on what to do, you could give our Muscular Recovery Stack ago! For the workout boost you need, use any of our Pre-workouts.

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If your new years resolution is to get healthy and fit or fitter, the Premium Raws™ is where you need to be! We can support you to reach your goal in the best way, we will do are part as long as you put the effort in. And it is easy with us :)

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