Protein Packed Ice-Cream Recipe

Protein Ice-Cream Recipe

Most people put their protein in drinks or shakes, but why not try and make protein ice-cream? We have a quick and easy dessert recipe for you. This is a fresh and protein packed ice-cream, which will feel like a cheat day! Made of 4 healthy ingredients. Here are the easy to follow instructions for you to enjoy your protein in the best way. All you have to do is give it a try!


  • 4-6 scoop Vanilla Premium Protein Whey 80 
  • 500g frozen bananas
  • 50ml milk (of choice)
  • 250ml fat-free yogurt


  1. Firstly, blend all your ingredients together until you reach a smooth consistency. Make sure not to over blend as it will heat up and wont work.
  2. Now warm up a spoon under warm water to scoop out the ice-cream into a strong seal container and freeze for future servings.
  3. To keep a nice creamy consistency, give your ice-cream a mix every 4 hours of freezing. Or feel free to each it all in one serving.
  4. When serving, add some healthy toppings. Such as, cinnamon, blueberries or Sugar-Free Syrup.

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We supply Premium Protein Whey 80 and we do 10 flavours so you can choose your favourite. You could even try making your own protein ice-cream with your favourite flavours! Our protein is gm and gluten free. This vegetarian friendly blend is low in fats and carbs, but still has delicious flavourings.

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