Burning Fat: How to get Started.

Burning Fat: How To Get Started.

When it comes to the most requested advice I'm asked on an average day it's definitely, "How do I burn fat and build muscle at the same time?". This question is posed by almost every gym goer at one point or another. The reality of it is that this is really not an easy task to accomplish. For your body to add muscle mass you need to be in a caloric surplus. Eating high amounts of proteins, fats and carbs. This works counter intuitively to fat loss, as it requires a caloric deficit. So in today's blog I thought i'd cover at-least one of these topics in depth. So here is Premium Raws' best guide to fat loss.

Workouts: How to structure your exercise to help fat loss.

During a workout I would guess that your usual method will be something a long the lines of: Warm-up, weights or cardio sessions, warm-down. Now this sort of workout will burn fat, but we want you to think about how to optimize your time in the gym. To ensure that your metabolic rate is sky high, you're sweating and are actually shredding through those stubborn 10lbs that has been bothering you since last Christmas. You do this by adding extra challenges in between sets, Things like adding extra super-sets (one exercise immediately following the other) or circuit training help to keep the heart rate high and the body in a constant state of exercise and strain.

The Aim is to keep your heart rate as high as possible. Through this your body is given no time to rest and you start to tap into that fatty tissue quicker and with more efficiency. On top of that make sure that you are hitting 3-4 proper cardio sessions per week.

Steady State Cardio.

If you are looking to retain muscle tissue I would recommend what is called steady state cardio. This type of cardio involves walking at a very fast pace but not quite at a jogging pace, on an inclined treadmill. This stops the exercise from becoming a anaerobic (Working your heart and lungs most) keeping the focus on pure fat loss instead of cardiovascular improvement.

HIIT Cardio.

You can also try HIIT (high intensity interval training) which is where you fast walk for a specified period of time and all out sprint for a equal amount of time.   This gives the best of both high intensity cardio sessions and steady state. Giving the body fluctuations in intensity is a great way to ensure that the body is constantly guessing and having to adapt to what you're throwing at it.

Addressing The Diet:

The simpler you keep your diet the easier it is for you to follow it to the letter. By reducing Carbohydrate intake, your body is then required to burn fat as it's primary fuel source. So the first tip I would suggest to anyone who's dieting is reduce your daily carbohydrate intake and any carbohydrates you are taking in should be high quality complex carbs. Things like Oats, sweet potato or wholegrain rice or pasta (preferably rice).

Proteins and Fats:

Plenty of well rounded proteins from fish, chicken and even a little red meat are a staple in the daily healthy diet. This helps to keep the muscle tissue repairing and maintained. Also too many people are scared of including good fats into their diet. This is a crucial mistake especially when reducing your carbohydrate intake. Good fats, burn bad fats. Making sure you have plenty of saturated fats in your diet is essential. Things like fish, avocado and eggs are a fantastic example. It gives your body something to burn for energy when you have a lack of carbohydrates. Some actually argue that it works as a more efficient fuel source for the body during intense exercise but that so far is mainly speculative.


Hydration is by far the most under emphasised part of fat loss. But in my opinion, something that makes all the difference. Flushing the body with water it flushes out the toxins from fat cells. The constant flushing of the body is something that is so important when losing fat. It aids in metabolic rate fluctuations and more importantly liver function. When the liver is dehydrated the ability for it to prioritise burning fat just isn't an option. Proper hydration is - in my opinion- one of - if not the - most important components for burning fat.

Fat Burners:

Too often I see people say or write about fat burners, saying; "Oh they don't do anything, they don't work.". From selling supplements for 5 years now I can say with assured confidence that these type of people are relying entirely on the fat burner to do the job of losing the weight by itself. Fat burners are a way to boost the results you're getting from your workouts and from dieting. Not as the sole cornerstone product to use to lose weight.

I always recommend to my customers and clients to be running a high dose of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). It is without a doubt the most research fat burning product available on today's market. It isn't an active fat burner but does help over long periods of time to reduce the amount of fat that your body stores. As CLA will help to maintain your body weight after the fat has been lost.


Everyone wants to shift some fat at some point in their lives. It's important to know where to start with regards to the correct information. I see too many people starving themselves to lose weight and it just isn't the way to do it in a healthy fashion.

It's also worth mentioning that losing huge amounts of weight rapidly is usually not a healthy option. I would like to mention to my readers is, be patient. I know it's frustrating to look down and not see the body you want. But trust me when I say it will be better for you mentally and physically if you lose weight responsibly. Those who go on crash starvation diets over the course of a week to lose a stone are simply going to pile that weight back on again.This has been proven, as the lack of sustainability is evedent. No fad diet will ever get you the results of hard work and proper nutrition.

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