Interview With 3 x World Jujitsu Champion

Premium Raws™ Interview With Sebastian Szyszka

Premium Raws™ is proud to announce that we are 3 x World Champion, Sebastian Szyszka's main sponsor! Not only is Sebastian a 3 time world Jujitsu fighter in red and brown belts, he has a huge number of other wins. He is the IBJJF European, IBJJF Rome Open and 2 time IBJJF New York Open champion! He has achieved so much at only 32 years old.

This article is all about our champion, Sebastian Szyszka. Sebastian came in to have a interview with us on Wednesday 5th September 2018. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Sebastian and having a chat with him. He met all of our team at Premium Raws™ and we asked him some questions that I'm sure will interest you all. You will receive good advice from Sebastian himself. We also put together a day plan of Sebastian's daily routine; including meals, supplements and workouts!

Answers To Our Questions:

We asked Sebastian a number of questions about the company and his lifestyle, we will now cover everything we spoke about in his time with us. We asked Sebastian, why choose us to be his sponsor, his response was he believes that we are 'the best brand', he loves our products and actually enjoys his diet because of Premium Raws™ products. His favourite of our products is our Premium Whey Protein 80, his favourite flavour being cookies and cream; one of our many flavours.

We went on to ask about his career in Jujitsu and the first thing we wanted to know is what made him pursue a career in Jujitsu. His response was that when he was younger, he actually enrolled into a Taekwondo group and then he heard about Jujitsu. He found that Jujitsu was an 'effective sport' and was more interested so moved onto Jujitsu. Always wanting to 'be the best' at everything he did is what drove him to compete and win his fights. The proudest moment he has had, couldn't be narrowed down to just one; he said 'every win are my proudest moments'. With him having way over 18 wins, including some of the best wins in the Jujitsu industry, he must have many proud moments.

Finally, we asked what advice he would give to a Jujitsu beginner. His advice was 'focus purely on Jujitsu as it is a very technically challenging sport. Then after a few years add in additional training".

Sebastian's Wins

UAEJJF (federation) Purple belt, master 1:

  • 2015 World Professional Championship
  • 2014 UK Abu Dhabi trials

Brown belt, master 1:

  • 2016 Los Angeles Grand Slam
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro Grand Slam
  • 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam
  • 2018 London Grand Slam
  • 2018 adult division World Professional Jujitsu Championship 4th place

IBJJF (federation) Purple melt, master 1:

  • 2015 New York International Open

Brown belt, master 1:

  • 2015 No Gi World Championship
  • 2016 No Gi European Championship
  • 2016 Rome International Open
  • ACB Jiu Jitsu (federation)
  • 2018 World Championship

Sebastian's Dietary Routine:

We sat down with Sebastian and wrote down his daily meals and workouts, including what and when he takes our products. This is to help you if you're interested in similar/the same training/ lifestyle. So, here is his daily routine from morning to night. His diet it quite similar to the Keto Diet. So, Sebastian's diet consists of low carbs, high fat and high protein -he states that 'Premium Raws products suit this'. His usual diet consists of 45% healthy fats, 45% high protein and 10% low carbs. His diet also includes intermediate 14 hour fasting, this lasts from 9.30am to 7.30pm. However, if he gets too hungry, he has a teaspoon of coconut or peanut butter; this was to keep up his blood sugar levels.

Sebastian's Supplement Regime :


In the morning Sebastian tends to take Multivitamins, Alpha GPC and Premium Whey  Protein 80.

The purpose of him taking our Multivitamins is due to the fact they provide a plethora of health benefits. From immune system support and maintenance, to digestion aid.

Alpha GPC also has many benefits to taking, including, brain health, but also physical recovery.

Our Premium Whey  Protein 80 main benefits are that it can be used for recovery, as well as, Alpha GPC  but also increases your protein intake. Sebastian loves this product as it suits his dietary needs; low in carbs and high in protein.

All together these products give Sebastian the best possible start to his day and prepares him for his daily routine.

Mid Morning-

Instant BCAA is a great product to take in the morning as it very beneficial to take for muscle maintenance and increasing muscle mass.

He also likes to take our Premium Greens Shake as this is extremely beneficial for supporting your immune and bodily functions through vegetable intake. This is because vegetables are full of a lot of good vitamins and minerals that are very good for you.

Lunch time-

Sebastian also takes Premium Whey  Protein 80 at lunch time, as well as, morning because again it is good before your workouts and increases your protein intake.

Krill Oil is another great supplement that Sebastian takes during lunch time. It provides omega and is good for heart health. Omega is a fatty acid and is known to help lower blood sugar levels.

Mid Afternoon-

Sebastian takes our Premium Energy BCAA before his afternoon workouts, its best to take BCAA at this time due to the fact that its a products designed to aid you during your workout and prepare you for an intense workout too. Not only does it give you an energy boost, but it also promotes muscle maintenance and recovery.


In the evening, Sebastian likes to take Krill Oil again in the afternoon to help maintain his health throughout the day.

Alongside this, he will take Micellar Casein Protein as this is great for maintaining and increasing muscle mass. As well as, being ideal to take in a resting period.

Finally, when Sebastian has finished his day of challenging routines and intense workouts/training, loves to take ZMA. This is probably the best supplement to take at this time as it is great for increasing muscle strength, stamina and recovery. Which is very beneficial to start with and on top of that it helps your metabolic rate to regulate and improves quality of sleep.


Sebastian often uses our Kre-Alkalyn pre-workout as it promotes muscle growth and helps keep dense muscle sustained post-workout.

Premium Raws Help

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