Mango And Baobab Frozen Yogurt Lollies

Mango and Baobab Frozen Yogurt Lollies

The perfect summer treat... And its healthy? This fresh, zesty and sweet lolly mixed with our  Baobab Powder is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds! With the add of our Baobab Powder you will reap all the benefits of this organic ingredient, which there are many. You can find our Organic Baobab Powder  online @ Premium Raws.

For example:

  • Rich source of Vit C.
  • Slows down release of sugar.
  • Aids in Immune support.
  • Aids in Digestive health.
  • Highest Antioxidant Content of any fruit.

Can't complain about that, tasty lolly and all these benefits of out baobab powder- here is how to make them yourself...


  • 1 Small Ripe Mango.
  • 1 tbsp Organic Baobab Powder.
  • 2 tbsp Honey or Maple Syrup (whichever you have or prefer).
  • 170g 0% Greek Yogurt.


  1.  Blend all your ingredients together until you reach a smooth and creamy consistency.
  2. Pour your mixture into into lolly moulds.
  3. Put in the freezer over night.
  4. Enjoy your tasty summer treat!

Further Information:

There so many more ways to put Baobab in your everyday foods and making it very tasty. You can put it in drinks, snacks, desserts, everything. Here are a few simple and fats ways to put it into your food intake.

  1. You could simply add your our Baobab Powder into a glass of water. All you have to do is get a glass of water and add two caps (6 grams) of  Baobab Powder into your water and stir/shake. You could even do this with lemonade if you'd prefer or any drink you like.
  2. Another one which I'm sure will be a hit, add Baobab into your ice-cream! now that is a treat and tastes amazing!

You can make smoothies, cake mix and much more, so basically you can put our Organic Baobab Powder in anything you like so go buy some during our summer sale and get 30% off with this code: SUMMER30


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