The Best Cable Exercises For Your Core

The Best Cable Exercises For Your Core

The cables are a new addition to the gym and most (if not all) of your local gyms will have them now, but what are they for? Most often, cables are uses by someone who is looking to tone up their abdominal muscles. Cables are one of the best ways to help build you get the perfect abs.

This article will outline exactly why it is very beneficial for you to introduce cables into your workout. Providing some of the best ways to use cables to optimise your workout.

So why use cables?

Although many people use cables for working on the the leg muscles (Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius and Hamstrings) and arm muscles (Trapezius musclesDeltoids and Biceps). Many also neglect how good cables can be for working on your core. Working out with cables adds that resistance that you wouldn't usually have when doing a standard workout. It is imperative to have that resistance as it is so much better for your muscle growth. When using cables in your workout, the resistance will promote the breaking down of muscle fibres in your body- which, over time, will be more effective then doing crunches or squats without the use of cables and will speed up the process of getting that perfect core that you desire.

Here are some of the best cable workouts for your core:

Jumbo Cable Throw- During this workout you will feel the burn through your body as the controlled twisting motion will engage your obliques. Already attacking your abdomen.

Cable Russian Twist- This a fun and energising exercise that you will love! this cable exercise is best accompanied by a ball or bench and is a full body exercise, which will focus on your core.

Low Cable Crunch- This is obviously very similar to conventional crunches, however the added resistance from the cables makes this workout more intense and effective. But that's what you wants to be doing, you want a changeling and effective more out for the best end result.

High Cable Crunch- This is very similar to low cable crunches and the same technique applies, however this exercise focuses more on the Rectus Abdominus.


  • Before beginning your workout experiment with the weight until you find a level that is comfortable for your body and still gives you full range of motion.
  • Always warm up before hand and also make sure you have good form during your cable exercise to avoid any possible injury.
  • Depending on what is best for your and your body, you can do between 3-6 sets and do it around 8-12 times per set.

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There are so many more workouts that can be done with cables, which are effective to use to improve other parts of your body, like, Standing Cable Lift, Low and High Cable Crossover. However, these 4 are the most common and effective ones used. Hopefully after having read this article and been informed of the best cable exercises and why you NEED to introduce this to your workout. You can now introduce this new piece of equipment to your routine and benefit from the results.


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