Plank Exercise Positions To Tone Your Abs

Best Plank Positions To Tone Your Abs

When working out or looking to workout, everyone focuses on their core. So, if you're looking for tight abdominal or to be lean, then these plank exercises are for you. Plank exercises will help to define you abs as well as helping build muscle and strength in your shoulders, gluts and arms. You need a lot of physical and mental motivation to sustain even just a 30 second plank. With this exercise, you don't have to be able to do 1-3 minute planks straight away. Everyone takes their own pace. One huge benefit of planks are that you can do them anywhere so don't worry if you don't have a gym membership -you can do this in the comfort of your home.

If you're new to planks or new to workouts, we suggest starting at a time that is just out of your comfort zone. e.i. If you can go 20 seconds easily, aim to do 30. Eventually, you will build up your strength and to maintain your strength or build keep pushing yourself. Don't push yourself too hard though.

Traditional Plank

We will start off easy with the one you will probably recognise, the traditional plank. This plank tests your ability to push yourself. However, many people perform this incorrectly. You should tighten your glutes, tuck your hips and lock in your knees to make the most out of the exercise. If this workout is easy for you, challenge yourself by aligning your feet with your hips.

Reverse Plank

if you find traditional planks hard, times that by 10 and that's how difficult reverse planks can be. it works very hard on your hamstrings and glutes. begin by sitting on the floor, put your legs out straight, place your palms on the floor behind you and lift. Try to keep your hips high ans steady.

Handstand Wall Plank

This is a fun, but very strenuous plank. You don't need to do this against a wall, you could use just a sturdy item, like a box. How high you place your legs is up to you as long as they're on a incline. start by getting into the traditional plank and then walk your feet up the wall. To push yourself, walk your hands towards the walk and back (repeat).

Side Plank

Not many people use this exercise, but it has a lot of benefits. Not only does it help you tone, it also helps your spine health. However, you must make sure your posture is correct. keep your hips and shoulders in line with each other- staying steady. To intensify this routine more dip your hips in and out of position.

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