Swimming And The Benefits

Swimming And The Benefits

Wouldn't it be good if something enjoyable was good for you? Try going for a swim. So many people go swimming as something fun and leisure, but it is actually a low impact workout and is actually good for moral; it's relaxing. We all class swimming as a recreational (activity done for enjoyment) activity and their are many types of swimming for you to pick from. i.g. side stroke, back stroke, butterfly or freestyle, whatever you enjoy most. The best part, apart from it being enjoyable, is that anyone can join in with swimming- male, female, 18 years old or 50 years old, anyone can do it.

If you don't swim, you should be doing! Not only is it recreational, but it is also a really good workout without getting all hot and sweaty. Working against the added resistance as that water gives is what makes it a good workout and it doesn't really feel like you're working out. You might have heard about water aerobics, this is exactly what it sounds like aerobics in water. So, if you're not interested in swimming, give this a go. There are pools everywhere these days and some of your local gyms might even have one, so find yourself and get swimming!

So What Are The Benefits?

There are more benefits than you would expect and not just in the sense of working out...

  • Improves flexibility.
  • Enjoyable and easy workout.
  • Builds up your endurance.
  • Promotes cardiovascular fitness.
  • Helps gain muscle strength.
  • It doesn't give a strenuous impact on your body.
  • Helps to town your body.
  • Relaxing form of exercise.
  • Help lower stress levels.
  • Gives a full-body workout.

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